Travel en Mode – indulgent, immersive experiences for today’s fashionista hosted by iconic global fashion trend setter ‘Badara Ndiaye’

Live the life of a fashionista traversing the globe from Milan, Paris, London, New York, Sydney and beyond.

Badara Ndiaye, Creative Director of BADARAOFFICIAL extends a personal invitation to lovers of fashion to join him on a unique and wonderful journey. Like he does with his blog, Badara will show you the best of each season’s fashion, allowing you to discover what’s hot from iconic fashion houses.

Travel en Mode offers unique and exclusive access to the glamourous world of international fashion. VIP invitations to fashion shows only available to the inner fashion circle and exclusive invitations to meet with key designers and add to your own designer wardrobe.

This is not a standard city tour with a twist of fashion, rather a rich, exploration of ‘International Fashion’. These unique forays into fashion open doors to design houses usually closed and private audiences with exclusive designers who ordinarily do not grant access. Each journey is built around Iconic fashion weeks in Europe, New York and Sydney.

We combine fashion experiences with luxe accommodations, private transport and unique touring options. We include special touches to make your travel experience seamless, elegant and and comfortable with close attention to every detail.

We want this to be the very best foray into the cosmopolitan world of Fashion. We want to wow you.

Fashion Soirees

2017 season

Uomo Milano (Ready to Wear):
June 16 to 19

Haute Couture Paris:
July 1 to 5

NYFW women; New York Fashion Week for Women:
September 6 to 13

London Fashion Week Street Style 2018:
September 14 to 18

Milano Fashion Week Street Style 2018:
September 19 to 25

Paris Fashion Week Street Style 2018:
September 25 to October 3

2018 season

Pitti Uomo Florence for Men: January 15 to 18

Uomo Milano (Ready to Wear): January 19 to 22

Haute Couture Paris:
January 27 to 31

NYFW Men; New York Fashion Week for Men: February 4 to 7

NYFW women; New York Fashion Week for Women: February 7 to 14

London Fashion Week:
February 15 to 19

Milano Fashion Week:
February 20 to 26

Paris Fashion Week:
February 26 to March 6

Badara Ndiaye is your key to the glamour and exclusive world of international fashion.

Creative Director of BADARAOFFICIAL, he has been immersed in the world of fashion for several years now. His primary introduction to the industry was working with online fashion outlet FASHIONTOMAX which worked on various projects with the iconic Anna Della Russo and Dolce & Gabbana. He has built a dynamic presence at iconic fashion houses spanning Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Badara’s travel experience and his eye for the aesthetic have allowed him to showcase the latest trends and styles on his social media platforms with a personal perspective. Furthermore, he successfully built a distinct reputation for cutting edge style in the world of fashion.

And yes Badou, as he is affectionately called, is just shy of 7ft tall who was almost set to star in the NBA before succumbing to a knee injury, projecting him instead into the unique world of fashion.

Why travel with Travel en Mode:

  • Hosted by acclaimed fashion blogger Badara Ndiaye aka Badara Official
  • Fashion forays designed with the dedicated fashionista in mind
  • Unique, exclusive access to fashion week shows, VIP events
  • Meet designers and opportunity to purchase directly from key design houses
  • Unique blend of Pret a Porter and Haute Couture designers
  • Delight your sense of style, critique the latest global fashion trends in person
  • Fine combination of luxe accommodations, concierge and private cars with a twist of the extraordinary.
  • Exclusive ‘fashion-fly’ deals to make your travel easier from door to door.

For Further Information

Every great fashionista requires a team to deliver that perfect outfit, and travel en mode has just the plan to ensure your tour soiree is seamless and fabulous from start to finish.


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