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Live the life of a food & travel blogger as we excite and inspire all your senses on stunning, carefully curated, stylish journeys. Whether it be local or long haul destinations we will have your imagination and tastebuds soaring before you have even left home.

Lorraine Elliott, globally acclaimed food blogger and Australian foodie extends a personal invitation to all fellow food lovers to join her on these unique and wonderful journeys. Like she does with her blog, Lorraine will show you the best of each regions food and you will discover this cuisine along with her.

Experiential Traveller’s journeys are focused on the very best food in a city. This can range from eating at the world’s best restaurants to meeting acclaimed chefs, tasting local delights, eating in local’s homes, street food to dining at special chef’s tables. We meticulously design each journey to capture the magic and authenticity of each region and its cuisine.

This is not a standard food tour that skims the surface of food but it’s a tour a rich, exploration of culture & food. These foods journeys open the doors to kitchens usually closed, private dining rooms and chefs not normally accessible, plus we centre each trip around events like food festivals with exclusive VIP access.

We combine the food experiences with luxe accommodation, private transport and unique touring of some of our planets treasures-you’ll tick off a bucket list item or two! We include special touches to make your travel seamless and comfortable with close attention to every detail.

We want this to be the very best travelling experience ever. We want to wow you.

Thinking of exploring beyond?

We have access to an exclusive range of touring options including pre, & post night accommodations & signature experiences across the entire region including the Amazon, Galapagos Islands, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Iguassu Falls and Rio de Janeiro. We would be delighted to help you.

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Lorraine Elliott is your Experiential Traveller

Lorraine has been blogging since September 2007 and blogging full time since January 2009. She loves kitsch and unusual things, travelling far and wide for an unusual meal and cooking and eating food from different countries all around the world. Her second and third loves are fashion and beauty (with a particular weakness for Chanel nail polish). And yes her love of fashion conflicts with her love of food – sadly two opposing forces on her waistline.

She’ll never sing in front of you but she’ll sing when she’s at home cooking and she has about twenty different accents that she can put on if you ask her to. Formerly working in advertising as a consultant and a media strategist, Lorraine is making Not Quite Nigella a full time entity and has been blogging full time since January 2009.

Why travel with Experiential Traveller:

  • Hosted by acclaimed Australian food blogger, Lorraine Elliott aka Not Quite Nigella.
  • Journeys designed with a real food lover’s palate and taste buds in mind.
  • Unique, exclusive access to festivals, events and private residences, world renowned kitchens and their chefs.
  • Delight your palate and senses on an exciting culinary journey.
  • Fine combination of luxe accommodations, iconic sights and scenes, with a twist of the extraordinary.
  • Journeys all-inclusive with meals, drinks and private touring included.
  • Itinerary carefully curated and well paced with ample down time to balance the indulgent dining and exquisite food tasting. We know how tiring travelling can be so we have included spa experiences and relaxation time because there are so many exciting things to take in at once.
  • Travel with like-minded foodies, share unique experiences, exchange notes, even a few recipes and dining tips and make new friends. This tour is also ideal for solo travellers or those visiting South America for the first time.
  • Boutique small group journey with English and Spanish speaking personal concierge on hand.
  • Exclusive ‘food-fly’ deals to make your travel easier from door to door.

For Further Information

Every great foodie requires a team to deliver that perfect dish, and Experiential Traveller has a dedicated team to answer all questions and plan a seamless journey.

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